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Laser World of Photonics 2013

Laser World of Photonics 2013

LASER World of PHOTONICS is the most important marketplace and the most constructive think tank for the global laser and photonics industry. It features more than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 37 countries and gives you a complete overview of all the latest trends and applications. And above all, new impetus and solutions that can help you to increase your business success thanks to the innovative strength, performance and efficiency of optical technologies - whether you are an expert or a new user.

RLW Navigator Project Manager Sanjiv Mann together with our project partner representative from Stadco, Mr Charles Marine attended the networking session to meet up with industry representatives  with experience in the sector.

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RLW Navigator is a three year, €3.9M, project funded by the European Commission under the ICT-Factories of the Future programme.  The project has fourteen partners and began in January 2012.

The goal of the project is to develop an engineering platform for an emerging joining technology from the automotive industry, Remote Laser Welding (RLW), that will enable the exploitation of this technology and ultimately support other joining processes.

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