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ICT 2013 Conference

ICT 2013 Conference

ICT 2013 - Conference


The conference was attented by the  top ICT professionals from industry, academia, research with many speakers from across the ICT sector addressing a range of issues from cloud computing, broadband, ICT infrastructures, ICT skills, cyber security, long term visions on the future and much more. The experts also discussed  on how to participate in the next EU's Research Programme - Horizon 2020.
Prof. Ceglarek attended the Rapid Deployment of key enabling ICT tecnologies for smart factories in which he presented a the findings of RLW Navigator.
Further details are available on the EU portal at the following address

RLW Navigator is a three year, €3.9M, project funded by the European Commission under the ICT-Factories of the Future programme.  The project has fourteen partners and began in January 2012.

The goal of the project is to develop an engineering platform for an emerging joining technology from the automotive industry, Remote Laser Welding (RLW), that will enable the exploitation of this technology and ultimately support other joining processes.

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