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Developed Tools

Developed Tools

 Developed Tools

To date, existing approaches have mainly focused on modelling product variation without integrating non-ideal-parts with assembly process models. However, the design of a complex sheet-metal product, such as an automotive body, requires integrating heterogeneous product and process models. For example, some of the design tasks necessary for RLW joining process development are: (i) fixture layout design optimization; (ii) laser joining process parameters selection/optimisation; and (iii) laser beam visibility analysis. Tasks (i) to (iii) have been integrated as semi-automated workflow. Main outputs are: (i) optimum fixture layout and (ii) optimum robot path planning. 


Further details of the tools can be found following the links below:

Part Variation Modeller

Fixture Optimiser

Laser Parameter Optimiser

Software integration


RLW Navigator is a three year, €3.9M, project funded by the European Commission under the ICT-Factories of the Future programme.  The project has fourteen partners and began in January 2012.

The goal of the project is to develop an engineering platform for an emerging joining technology from the automotive industry, Remote Laser Welding (RLW), that will enable the exploitation of this technology and ultimately support other joining processes.

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